Folk Arts & Cultures

A man with white hair and beard wearing a green shirt with the sleeves rolled strums a guitar inside of a room with large windows and sunlight shining through them. The windows have eleven other stringed instruments hanging on display.

Our vision for impact in the Folk Arts & Cultures (FAC) program is that in the places where MACP is working with grantee partners, folk arts and cultures will be more deeply understood, more broadly recognized, and more widely practiced. 

Our work is driven by concern that the lack of intergenerational transfer of artistic skill and cultural knowledge threatens the continuity of folk arts and cultures. MACP aims to address this problem by supporting the work of a select number of organizations that in turn support communities of artistic practice in the Upper Midwest and Central Appalachia. 

Program Stories:

Capturing Lakota and Dakota dress-making culture

Supporting emerging artists in Central Appalachia