Program Stories

Creating connections among rural women

In 2021, MACP supported 100 Rural Women and its 100 in 100 Initiative, which provided 100 convenings for rural Minnesotan women leaders. Leadership at the organization shared the Initiative’s importance with MACP:

“This gift supported the human infrastructure that powers our work at 100 Rural Women. We learned how to develop capacity remotely and through young women in colleges and universities who are drawn to rural causes. Through these fellows and student interns, our organization was able to connect with more than 1,000 women across Minnesota in virtual meetings, webinars, book groups, and wellbeing workshops. During these difficult times, we offered rural women vital connections, discussions, and learning opportunities. We learned about their struggles, success stories, paths to leadership, barriers to achievement, and problems to be addressed in their communities to be more welcoming to new and diverse people.”

In a survey conducted by 100 Rural Women, a 100 in 100 Initiative participant from Northwest Minnesota commented, “It’s nice to have that structured space and time and, like, have a focus on leadership, but it’s more about just connecting as women… it’s just an open space to have conversation and dialogue that’s really authentic and genuine and it can help people not feel so isolated as well.”

Funding was provided through the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Fund at the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation.

Presenters from the “Ask A Leading Woman” series that emerged from the initiative’s research are shown below. Students that supported this project are shown in the collage above.

Presenters from the Ask a Leading Woman series