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Partnership with Native Americans Receives $1 Million to Strengthen Tribal Emergency Preparedness

December 18, 2023

DALLAS (December 6, 2023) – Recent years show the worsening effects of climate change, with extreme weather events becoming more frequent. This poses a considerable risk for Tribal communities that lack reliable access to food, water and other resources. Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), is committed to serving immediate needs and supporting long-term solutions on reservations that are often overlooked, especially in critical times like disasters or emergencies.

PWNA is excited to announce that Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies (MACP) awarded $1 million to the Protecting Our Relatives Through Emergency Preparedness and Partnerships project. The funds will be used to build on emergency and resiliency competencies accumulated during Phases I and II of the project. It’s difficult to predict when emergencies will occur, so having a plan in place and knowing what to do helps mitigate physical, mental and even financial distress. When emergencies arise in Tribal communities, PWNA responds quickly with essential materials and relief. With the recent grant funding, PWNA will be able to continue helping tribes develop and implement emergency preparedness strategies.

“We are immensely thankful to MACP for this continuation funding, which will greatly impact our Native-led training efforts and technical support for emergency preparedness,” said Joshua Arce, president and CEO of PWNA. “Less than 1% of charitable giving goes to Native causes, making grants like this immensely important. MACP’s support will help us enrich emergency systems, including partnerships and protocols to provide resources to 15 active Native communities and reach 8 more communities across the Dakotas, Montana, and Nebraska.”

Phases I and II of the project built a foundation of local capacity that will be enhanced in Phase III. Areas of focus will include active community engagement systems, more involved training/services and sustainability of environmental response and recovery (ERR) teams and partnerships. To learn more about PWNA and the services it provides to Indian Country, visit NativePartnership.org.

About Partnership With Native Americans
Partnership With Native Americans is a national, Native-led nonprofit championing hope for a brighter future for those living on remote, geographically isolated reservations. Established in 1990, PWNA collaborates with Tribal programs to address immediate relief and long-term solutions such as education, emergency preparedness, food security, and more, improving the lives of 250,000 Native Americans annually. Follow PWNA4hope on Facebook, Instagram and X/Twitter, PWNA on LinkedIn, or visit NativePartnership.org.