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Bishop John B. Chane

November 22, 2019

Bishop John B. Chane serves as director for Margaret A. Cargill Foundation and of Anne Ray Foundation, grantmaking philanthropies funded by the late Margaret A. Cargill. The foundations operate under the umbrella of Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies.

As Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC, he served 93 parishes and 21 schools in the District of Columbia and Maryland. He also was President and CEO of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, overseeing the operations of Washington National Cathedral and the three schools on the Cathedral Close.

He previously was Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego, CA. It was there he met Cathedral member Ms. Cargill, who was quietly becoming a major philanthropist. Their friendship grew over the years and Bishop Chane became a trusted adviser to Ms. Cargill.

Bishop Chane has been active in work around human rights, HIV/AIDS, and malaria in South Africa and Mozambique. He continues to be recognized as a global leader in Middle Eastern interfaith work. He is a frequent speaker at universities and conferences, and a guest on national television and radio shows.

Bishop Chane lives in San Diego, where he continues to serve the Episcopal Church as the Assisting Bishop of The Diocese of San Diego. Bishop Chane is a graduate of Boston University and the Berkeley Center of Yale Divinity School. He has honorary doctorates from Virginia Theological Seminary, Episcopal Divinity School at Cambridge, and the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale.