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Working With Us

Engage. Build trust. Make a difference.

We bring this brand promise to life each day with our partners, our grantees, and with one another.

Our Culture

We are a team of lifelong learners, passionately committed to promoting our mission.

Handcrafted arts are reflected throughout our space, connecting us to our mission and our founder.

Our Values

Our Cultural Values inspire us to learn, create, and excel through strong relationships with one another, our partners, and our community.

Making a Difference

Working together to make lives better

  • Our collective efforts are focused on furthering our mission
  • We engage with colleagues and partners to achieve meaningful shared goals
  • Everyone’s contributions count and even small actions have great value
  • We encourage self-sufficiency


We treat people well

  • We live full lives and appreciate one another’s time.
  • We listen to understand, and encourage candid, constructive dialog
  • We welcome and value diverse perspectives and worldviews
  • We actively support organizational decisions
  • We show compassion to those in need


We set the bar high

  • We are committed to bringing our best, every day
  • Our high-performing teams set and meet challenging goals
  • We believe collaboration leads to better results
  • We invest in expertise and bring the right resources to the table
  • We are responsible stewards


Always growing

  • We are committed to mentoring and developing our people
  • We are willing to try new things
  • We learn from our experiences, including our mistakes
  • We embrace change as a means of growth


Do the right thing, even when no one is watching

  • We take on commitments thoughtfully, and we deliver on what we promise
  • We strive to earn and maintain trust
  • We are committed to results without sacrificing our values
  • We act and interact with honesty and authenticity


“It’s not about us…”

  • We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of MACP’s work
  • We focus recognition on those who do the good work
  • We value expertise and honor what others contribute
  • We are mindful of the power dynamic in philanthropy

Employee Value Proposition

Our employee value proposition shares insights into what you can expect from a career at MACP.

Equity, fairness, transparency, and accountability form the base of our commitment to the staff experience. Our approach to talent development includes a Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ), Growth and Development, and a Steady and Supportive Team. These components guide how we work to create a secure and reliable work environment where employees have a strong sense of belonging, a concrete understanding of the impact they are making, and opportunities to learn and grow. 

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice  

We are working hard to ensure a diverse workforce and build a team that, together with our partners, reflects the diversity of the communities where we live and work. We focus on cultivating an environment where all team members feel a sense of belonging, and we put equity at the center of our approach to individual development. This includes making sure opportunities for career advancement and access to development resources are distributed fairly and transparently. In addition, we are committed to personal growth and learning: we train all staff on intercultural competencies, implement practices to reduce bias in the recruiting process, and encourage all team members to engage in functional and organizational DEIJ efforts.  

Growth and Development  

When a team member joins MACP, we make a robust investment in their professional development to ensure they have opportunities to develop the skills and expertise to meaningfully contribute to MACP’s mission, as well as to achieve their broader career goals—wherever their path may lead. We promote an intellectually stimulating learning environment where staff are constantly growing in service of our mission. Our management team partners with staff to set and achieve job- and career-specific development goals so team members continue to grow during their time with us. Team members can expect to grow in their roles, receive the support necessary to build their skills and hone their expertise, and be recognized for strong performance.  

Steady and Supportive Team  

At MACP, we are eager to support employees’ development and growth. We value staff retention, and team members appreciate the stability and consistency that capable and dedicated employees bring to their work and relationships. We aim to build longstanding, trusting relationships with the communities we serve and with one another. We seek opportunities to support staff with the skills and competencies needed to thrive in their roles. We are also committed to supporting staff as they explore new opportunities both inside MACP and outside of MACP. 

Our Inspiration

Margaret A. Cargill was born September 24, 1920, in Los Angeles, California.

The granddaughter of William W. Cargill, founder of Cargill, Incorporated, Ms. Cargill spent much of her childhood in Minneapolis with her parents Austen and Anne Cargill and her brother James.

Ms. Cargill attended Kemper Hall, an Episcopal high school in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where she graduated in 1940. In 1954 she earned a degree in arts education from the University of Minnesota and moved to Southern California, where she made her home for the rest of her life.

Highly private, yet adventurous and independent, she enjoyed the company of a small circle of friends who shared her interests in arts and crafts, dogs, and camping in the “great outdoors.”

Later in life, Ms. Cargill became an active, yet largely silent, philanthropist. Much of her substantial lifetime giving was conducted through Akaloa Resource Foundation and Anne Ray Charitable Trust, which she formed to allow her to give anonymously and keep any attention on grantees’ good work. Through her will, she provided that Margaret A. Cargill Foundation be created upon her death. She passed away on August 1, 2006.

Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies carries on her philanthropic vision.

Our Home

MACP is deeply committed to sustainability in our grantmaking, and this extends to the way we inhabit our Eden Prairie home, which we call “The Preserve”.