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2018 Year-End Assets

Combined assets of MACP grantmaking entities Anne Ray Foundation and Margaret A. Cargill Foundation: $6,817,930,000

Total number of grants paid in 2018: 385*

Total dollar value of grants paid in 2018: $275,150,000


2018 Grantmaking By Domain

*This excludes 399 employee matching gifts


A Note About Our Structure:

Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies is composed of two grantmaking foundations: Margaret A. Cargill Foundation and Anne Ray Foundation. Margaret A. Cargill Foundation is a private foundation that spends at least 5% of its assets on charitable activities over time. Anne Ray Foundation is a supporting organization, which makes grants to organizations named in its formation documents. It spends at least 3.5% of its assets on charitable activities over time.

While our two entities have different governance structures, we operate as a combined organization with shared staff, grantmaking strategies, processes, and platforms. The two foundations share administrative costs and operating expenses, with the intent to maximize resources available to support charitable activities. In addition, our investment strategies and our charitable spending support our founder’s desire to operate our grantmaking programs in perpetuity, offering permanent sources of funding to the causes she valued.


2018 Financials