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Legacy & Opportunity

We provide funding for opportunities aligned with MACP’s strategic priorities and support for geographies of importance to our founder, Margaret Cargill.

Local Initiatives funding was just over $10 million in 2022 and supported efforts in targeted Twin Cities neighborhood and rural Minnesota communities. Legacy funding was $52 million in 2022 and includes the Akaloa Program, which focuses on 11 counties in Southern California, along with our work with PBS, which is national in focus.


Total Granted in 2022

Local Initiatives

Teen girls gathering as part of the Twin Cities' Catalyst Initiative

MACP’s Local Initiatives program helps address important issues in Minnesota that align with the organization’s mission and reflect guidance from our donor. In addition, the program provides flexibility to respond quickly to urgent community needs across the state. Local Initiatives provides support for initiatives that are developed and executed by, with, and for those who have been historically underserved, including Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latine, and Rural communities.

Funding in 2024 focuses on these programmatic priorities:

  • Joy and Healing: Funding emphasizes seeding and scaling non-medical, culturally centered, and community-based solutions that increase awareness, access, and availability to mental health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Environment and Climate Change: Support for climate action solutions and innovation that fill gaps in philanthropic and public funding while offering opportunities for network building, collective learning/impact, and access to state and federal funding.
  • Additional Areas for Consideration: This includes funding for projects that support the broader nonprofit or philanthropic sector, pooled grant funds that align with these priorities, and other opportunities rooted in our mission and guidance from our founder.

Please note Local Initiatives funding for capital campaigns will be paused for 2024-2025.

Program Stories:

Scholarships of hope for north Minneapolis graduates

Supporting 101 food shelves across Minnesota

Legacy Grantmaking

We provide assistance and support to organizations in Southern California that were specifically named by our founder, Margaret Cargill.

Program Stories:

Connecting access, art, and architecture

Prioritizing quality care and career opportunities