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Legacy & Opportunity

We provide funding for opportunities aligned with MACP’s strategic priorities and support for geographies of importance to our founder, Margaret Cargill.

Legacy funding includes the Akaloa Program, which focuses on 11 counties in Southern California, along with our work with PBS, which is national in focus. Our Local Giving supports efforts across the Twin Cities, the state of Minnesota, and the Upper Midwest.


Total Granted in 2020

Local Giving

Teen girls gathering as part of the Twin Cities' Catalyst Initiative

MACP’s Local Initiatives program helps address important issues within the organization’s mission that do not fit neatly within our defined domain strategies. Local giving provides one-time support for opportunities that fit into one of three themes: responsive to address immediate community crises; innovative in the solutions or strategies, and/or initiatives where a majority of the work engages, informs, represents, and/or supports BIPOC, rural, or other communities that have been historically marginalized.


Program Highlight: Creating connections among rural women

Program Highlight: Local giving to help address issues of racism and inequity

Legacy Grantmaking

A firepit gathering at Salvation Army Sierra del Mar's Pine Summit Camp

We provide assistance and support to organizations in Southern California that were specifically named by our founder, Margaret Cargill.