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Quality of Life

We support life’s journey at vulnerable stages for children, young adults, families, and older adults.

Our work seeks to remove barriers which prevent children, youth, families, and older adults from improving their quality of life. We support holistic approaches that center the voices of children, youth, families, and older adults that equitably meet the needs of the whole person, whole family, and whole community.

Our Quality of Life programs support work in Alaska, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. Our Youth Camping & Swimming program supports work nationwide.


Total Granted in 2022


Seven older adult women doing movements with their left hand raised and their right hand across their body with the palm up. Three wear blue shirts with the letters LAOA on them for the Lao Advancement Organization of America.

Our Aging program focuses on supporting rural older adults and tribal elders to live with autonomy and dignity in the communities of their choice by supporting home and community-based services and supports. We seek to engage rural older adults, tribal elders and their caregivers in their own care by supporting an integration of care coordination that improves access to services and supports, social engagement that reduces social isolation, and strengthening the quality and availability of care provided by caregivers.

Program Story:

Aging in rural America

Family Stability

Family of three enjoying a day hiking in nature. Mother, baby, and father are all smiling.

This program works within local communities to help families achieve greater stability by building protective factors and increasing self-sufficiency. This is achieved through services that are whole-family (2Gen), trauma-informed and healing-centered, and connected throughout the community.

International Health

A health worker prepares to administer a measles-rubella vaccine in Nairobi, Kenya.

Juozas Cernius / American Red Cross, September 2018. American Red Cross collected written permission for each person pictured.

While still under development, this program supports integrated reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health services. The International Health program supports this work in countries where MACP’s domains also work, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico, Nepal, the Philippines, and Timor Leste.

Program Stories:

Improving access to rights-based reproductive health services

A plan that begins with engagement and listening

Youth Camping & Swimming

A large dining area with a wood floor and many children seated at cafeteria style tables.

We seek to increase access to and improve the quality of overnight camp experiences for all youth, with a focus on inclusion for youth that have been historically excluded from these experiences. We also seek to increase access to high-quality swimming lessons for all youth to enhance awareness and education regarding water safety and drowning prevention. All programs should provide positive, affirming, and safe exposure to nature and water, while building character and community for all youth.

Program Story:

Camp as a safe space