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Our Mission

To provide meaningful assistance and support to society, the arts, and the environment.

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Philosophy of Grantmaking

Our grantmaking reflects our values and Margaret Cargill’s guiding principles and is always directed toward our mission and values.
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Grant seekers: Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies (MACP) does not accept unsolicited requests for support. In this way, our staff can dedicate its resources to grantmaking within our defined programs, strategies, and geographies. Thank you for respecting our process.

Arts & Cultures

We help support folk arts, Native American art, music, tactile art, and artistically significant crafts that foster human creativity.
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Open panel Arts & Cultures

Our focus in Native American and folk arts and cultures supports the intergenerational transference of artistic skill and knowledge, where skills and meaning are rooted in longstanding traditions defined by local communities of practice.

Disaster Relief & Recovery

We support work in natural disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery with emphasis on communities prone to low-attention disasters.
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Open panel Disaster Relief & Recovery

Our grantmaking helps relieve immediate suffering and meets recovery needs in the aftermath of natural disasters around the world. We also focus on preparing vulnerable communities for the impact of potential disasters in their regions.


We support the conservation of natural resources and protection of natural habitats.
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Open panel Environment

Ecosystems from forests to fresh and marine waters to grasslands are vital to the many lives that depend upon them. We support community-based solutions that help address ecosystem degradation at scale.

Animal Welfare

We focus on the wellbeing of domestic animals and injured wild animals, and ways to increase empathy toward animals among children and adults.
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Open panel Animal Welfare

Our funding prioritizes the care of domestic animals and strengthening multigenerational human empathy toward them. We also focus on the care of injured wild animals to improve their odds of returning to the wild or protected areas.

Quality of Life

We support life’s journey at vulnerable stages for children, young adults, families, and older adults.
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Open panel Quality of Life

Our work seeks to remove barriers which prevent children, youth, families, and older adults from improving their quality of life. We support evidence-based interventions that address the needs of vulnerable individuals and families in key transitional stages of life.


When further developed, our grantmaking will support recruitment, training, and retention of qualified people for the teaching profession.
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Open panel Teachers

Strategies, additional programs, and identification of key grantee partners for this domain are still in development.

Legacy & Opportunity

We provide flexible funding for opportunities aligned with MACP's values and philosophy and support for specific geographies of importance to our founder, Margaret Cargill, including the Upper Midwest and Southern California.
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Open panel Legacy & Opportunity

Strategies, programs, and identification of key grantee partners for this domain are still in development.


Stories of Resilience
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