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For the Lakota, Creativity Thrives Where There’s No Word for Art

A view of the horizon and a long stretch of road into Kyle, South Dakota. There are two signs on the right of the road, a green marker with white writing that reads "Kyle" and a white sign that reads "Speed Limit 40".

Reported from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, from Rapid City and at sites throughout the Black Hills. Published Jan. 9, 2024. Updated Jan. 11, 2024 There is no word for art in the Lakota language. But the power of art, in every facet of life, has drawn a boisterous group of moccasin beaders,

Lewis Prize for Music announces 2024 music education grants

The Lewis Prize for Music has announced grants totaling more than $3 million in support of efforts to provide young people with music education, strengthen their communities, and put music at the center of efforts to establish equity. In partnership with Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies, the organization increased the amount it distributed in 2024. Through the organization’s